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Buy used air bags for a 3000 gt and see how much you will save on driver and passenger side, Steering wheel and dashboard airbags. They are ready for installation. All years and interior colors available. These 3000 gt safety bags are complete and they include the driver steering wheel and passenger dashboard airbags. Select your year along with the color to receive an online quote in seconds. Domestic shipping takes between 2-7 business days and in most cases we can have your 3000 gt parts ready for immediate shipment. We only sell OEM original air bags, this means our bags are identical to what you would buy from Mitsubishi. The dealers list price on new 3000 gt parts is outrageous, this explains why most repair centers and Mitsubishi collision shops buy all of their 3000 gt airbag modules from safetyairbags.com.

3000 Gt Airbag information

Our safety experts can assist you every step of the way and our experienced 3000 gt safety airbag installers can answer any installation related questions you may have. We carry steering wheel airbags, side bags, curtain bags, passenger dashboard air bags and we offer 3000 gt module repair. All of our equipment is original OEM quality so let us help you save on your next 3000 gt airbag purchase.

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3000 Gt air bags available including 1994, and 1995. Ask about our 3000 gt srs module replacement program, sensors, seatbelts and airbag modules at discount prices and save big on all of your airbag replacement needs.

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