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Cavalier Air Bags

Air bags for all makes and models. We're your one stop solution to automotive safety equipment.


Chevy Cavalier airbag sales, module repair and srs light reset. If you own a Chevy Cavalier between the years of 1995 and 1998 and both of your srs airbags deployed then you've come to the right spot. We have been fixing deployed srs systems for over ten years so we can guarantee to offer the type of quality service you need to ensure that your 1996 cavalier air bag system is repaired properly.

Here at safetyairbags.com we provide our customers with oem safety parts: including driver side steering wheel air bags and passenger side or dashboard airbags, and in most cases we also provide the diagnostic module (more commonly known as the cavalier srs computer).

We sell a wide variety of auto parts so whether your vehicle is being repaired by an insurance company, collision repair center, or a local mechanic we can provide all the cavalier air bag parts necessary to restore your wrecked cavalier's deployed airbag system.


Buy a Chevy Cavalier airbag and save up to 50 percent off the dealers price.

To give you an example of the type of savings you can expect just look at our price for a set of 1998 cavalier airbags, only $575.00. Now the Chevy dealership will charge you almost $1500.00. Its easy to see you don't have to buy brand new airbags, so why not buy your cavalier parts used and save big? We also offer 1997 cavalier air bag replacement and srs module reset to turn off the srs light in the dashboard. All of the cavalier parts we sell come with a two year warranty and we guarantee customer satisfaction by offering a 30 day exchange policy on all of our used 1999 cavalier air bags. The bottom line is that we carry one of the largest selections of new and used cavalier parts in the country. All of our air bag systems are discounted and sold to the public at the same price as we would offer to collision shops and repair centers.

The srs system will not function properly unless you replace the module on your2003 2004 cavalier airbag system.

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Airbags for Cavalier
If you are trying to repair the air bag system in a 2003 or newer cavalier do not nake the mistake of buying 2002 or 2001 airbags. They will not fit , although they are very similar. When replacing the cavalier dashboard and steering wheel bags make sure that you do not forget to buy an airbag module for your cavalier.
40-70% off