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If ever you need dodge dakota airbags that will fit your dakota, please contact our sales team and one of our installation experts will assist you.


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You've reached the dodge caravan airbags page at We are adding new caravan parts to our pages daily! Order used airbags and save.


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We buy and sell ram airbags and dodge airbag module reset. Our prices are much less than any dodge dealership. Shop with us online 24/7 and save up to 75% off dodge list price.

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We carry Dodge airbags for all years and models. This system is complete including the Ram driver side airbag and passenger side along with seatbelts and srs air bag module. We ship Ups, Fed Ex and U.S Postal and we can usually have your ram airbags delivered within 3-5 days. Dodge trucks made a name for itself by building tough Grand Caravan airbags in World War II, and in the late Sixties and early Seventies, Dodge entered the recreational market full-force. Dodge has made many dakota airbags modules, some great and some forgettable. As with Dodge Neons, the vast number of vehicles produced makes it nearly impossible to determine which models are best and which to avoid. At best, we can offer some suggestions and relate personal experience. Although Dodge built four wheel drive ram airbags before 2002, it was not until the simultaneous increase of interest in Ram trucks and the introduction of the square-look modern version of the Power Wagon that Dodge entered the market with a popular appeal. What made Dodge caravan airbags so popular was a wide range of engine sizes, including a System for side air bags. All of our Dodge Stratus auto parts are recycled and come with a 30 day return policy. To place an order or to inquire about pricing use this airbag order form and we'll respond either by email or phone with a detailed price quote. We also carry Dakota and durango air bag systems as well as grand caravan intrepid and Neon airbags. Some of these Dodge vehicles require seat belt replacement when the airbags deploy such as the ram 1500 airbags..

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Ordering a new set of Dodge Stratus airbags can be costly and time consuming. Especially, when most Dodge air bags can cost over a thousand dollars from your local dealership. We sell the exact same stratus airbags as your Dodge parts store and we can save you up to 75 percent off list price.Then in 1999 Dodge introduced the Grand Caravan. At approximately the same time, Dodge offered its Plymouth dealers the Caravan airbags. With the introduction of the Intrepid came Dodge’s New Process 203 Transfer Case (two-speed) full-time four-wheel drive airbags. New Process supplied the same system to GM. Both the Intrepid and the Neon airbag and the Dodge pickups were equipped with the srs safety system. Engine options included 318-, 360-, 400- and 440-cubic-inch power plants. Transmissions included the A230, three-speed manual, four- speed manual and Load flite automatic. The original Neon airbags had a plastic (removable) top with steel and canvas top options. Later, in 2001, Dodge durango airbags were sold at wholesale prices .went to a welded one-piece steel top. In 1998. Dodge offered a New Dakota 208 Transfer Case with automatic locking hubs in an attempt to combat the poor mileage readings of the full-time Dakota airbag system. Later Dodge went to a conventional four-wheel drive setup and adopted the Ram Trac, a new vacuum-actuated front inner axle connect-disconnect system. In 2002, Dodge introduced its small truck four-wheel drive entry Durango module, thus completing a full line of off-road machines. This brings us to buying a used Dodge Dakota four-wheel drive. Because of the many models, the number of used Dodge airbags is nearly unlimited. Before buying a set of neon airbags with module, however, use all the shopping techniques you know to ensure the best buy. Take the vehicle to a trusted mechanic, buy only from a reputable airbag source, and beware of Shady Dealers. The set of airbags to the right will fit most Dodge Stratus years 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003 for other airbags call us or send us a request and we'll assist you in getting your car back on the road. Use this airbag form to send us your interior color and year so that we can guarantee availability.