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If you're Nissan's airbags have deployed then you've found the right website. All of our air bag systems are original OEM quality and they're much less expensive than your local auto parts dealer. Search through the list below to find your Nissan airbags. To contact us directly and receive a price quote use this Nissan airbag order form. Airbags are more than just an ordinary auto part found in your Nissan car or truck. They are also one of the best safety devices provided. This is because your Nissan airbag can save your life by deploying in the event of an auto accident.

240 SX


Nissan auto parts
240 SX Airbags
Buy a set of 240 sx airbags for less than $500.00. Replace your air bag system.

$485.00 Order

Altima air bags
Altima Airbags
Order replacement altima airbags with module for $475.00. Used air bag replacement.

$475.00 Purchase

Frontier air bags
Frontier Airbags
All of our used Frontier airbags are warranteed for 2 years. Air bag modules and sensors.

$419.00 Buy now

maxima air bag
Maxima Airbags
Buying new maxima airbags can be costly. Save 75% off dealers list price on air bag modules.

$519.00 Buy

Murano air bags
Murano Airbags
Murano airbags and srs parts are available. We sell air bag computers, sensors and belts.

$1319.00 Order

pathfinder air bags
Pathfinder Airbags
Used pathfinder airbags for sale. Repair and replace your blown air bag system.

$475.00 Purchase

quest airbag
Quest Airbags
Nissan quest airbags for sale at 75% off dealer's list price. Air bag modules and sensors.

$419.00 Order Online

  sentra air bags
Sentra Airbags
Huge sale on sentra airbags and computers. All Nissan air bag systems on sale.

$419.00 Get a quote

xterra air bags
Xterra Airbags
Replace your deployed Xterra airbags for less than $400.00. Used air bag replacement.

$319.00 Add to Cart

Nissan Airbags

There are several different Nissan airbags that can be installed in your car or truck. All of this depends on the year, make, and interior color. Each of the Nissan airbags are set up on the driver and passenger side. This is usually the steering wheel and dashboard. Some Nissan vehicles also have curtain airbags where they are bound to serve their purpose. Replace your altima airbags for as little as $475.00 this includes driver and passenger. The frontal airbags and the side or curtain airbags are the most common type of airbags that can be found in all Nissan models. The side airbag is Air bags Nissanpositioned on both left and right hand sides of all Nissan car or trucks. This type of Nissan airbag provides the driver or passenger protection on either side of the car or truck. Meanwhile, the frontal airbags are mounted in the steering wheel and dashboard. If your car has been wrecked and needs air bag repair we can help by providing our customers with a less expensive alternative to buying new airbags.

Aside from side curtain and frontal airbags, there are also some Nissan cars or trucks that are equipped with a Knee airbag. These types of Nissan airbags can also be bought for your car or truck if required. Buy a replacement maxima airbag for $519.00 and we'll include the srs module. After all, there are extensive parts available on our website. Nissan airbags range from simple to hard to install airbags. Whether you are looking for a Nissan airbag that is intended for years of maintenance free use or a used replacement Nissan Nissanairbag, we’ve got you covered. We can sell a sentra airbag set for $419.00 as long as you have your old module. Aside from that, there are also some Nissan airbags that feature all of the protection options like side curtain and rear airbags which help in easing your mind when it comes to safety and protection for your family. A pathfinder airbag will cost only $475.00 for the driver and passenger. Order now and we'll offer free shipping.

So if you decide to replace the deployed frontier airbag $419.00 of your Nissan truck, just visit us online at SafetyAirbags.Com. Here at J&M Safety Airbags, we provide you with a catalog that carries a complete line of automotive safety parts and modules needed by most car or trucks including Nissan airbag. By simply browsing our parts catalog, you can easily locate your needed Nissan airbag for your wrecked vehicle.

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