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This windstar safety airbag system includes the driver airbag passenger and diagnostic module.
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windstar airbags

windstar airbags and replacement windstar modules for all Ford vehicles. All years and colors available for immediate delivery. Call us to place your order for a windstar airbag system with srs module or get a price quote sent directly to your email address by clicking here: windstar. Complete set: Driver side, passenger side and windstar module. These airbags are original equipment OEM, this means they are made by Ford not in China. They are the same windstar parts that Ford sells. Our experienced sales team can answer any windstar airbag installation questions you have. Call Now!


This set is ready for installation. The airbags were removed from another windstar that had a rear end collision so they never deployed and they can be reinstalled. All of our windstar airbags come with the Vin in case your car needs to pass a safety inspection. The vin will be clearly printed on the invoice.

Compare these prices to your windstar dealer and see how much you save by purchasing windstar parts from The average price for a set of new windstar airbags is $1265.00 our price is $535.64

If you need windstar headlights , windstar fenders, wheels or other windstar auto parts, follow any of the part links on this page. We only carry airbags, although our affiliates can assist you with any windstar parts you need. You can find a variety windstar replacement airbags and auto body parts.

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