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    Airbag Module Reset

    All of our airbag module parts are OEM original equipment. We do not sell brand new parts or srs modules. We sell recycled modules and airbags for cars and trucks. The only place to buy new parts is from your local auto dealer like Ford, Nissan Volkswagen, Mercedes etc.... However, the car dealer's prices are ridiculous and severely over priced. You'll probably spend double if not more on an airbag module. So why bother. Unlike dealers we wholesale all of our safety parts to auto body shops, rebuilders, insurance companies and auto airbag repair centers. So our auto accessories are always on sale and our satisfied customers return weekly. Ask how we save you up to 75% off Mercedes module reset list prices. OEM installation at dealers can be costly. Especially, when one considers the sale price of buying new parts from any car dealership. If your car has been wrecked and your new airbag has deployed then you've probably already priced your local car dealer. Compare our unbeatable prices and see how much cash you'll save. Here are a few examples: 1998 Mustang driver and passenger airbags from Ford cost over $1500.00 our price is $475.00. Airbags form Mercedes can cost up to $3000.00 our price is less than half on SLK and Mercedes SL airbag repair. When you buy an srs module online from our award winning site you're making a wise decision because all of our replacement parts: airbag sensor, module, diagnostic computer and seat belt pretensioners are OEM original. This means the part you buy from us will be identical to what you'll find at any Auto parts department: Mercedes module, chrysler, Ford, Volvo Airbags etc.... To place an order or to inquire about airbag module pricing use our search menu at the top of this page. Simply find the make and model of your vehicle to get pricing information.



    Will a used airbag Module work just as well as a new module?

    Absolutely. All of our used or reset modules have been removed from wrecked cars that suffered an impact to either the side or rear end. In which case the Frontal or side airbag system never deployed. This means they can be recycled and installed into another car or truck. Expect to pay about 50-75% less than whatever your Mercedes dealership quoted. There is no difference at all between used and new airbags. All of our parts are OEM, original quality parts.

    Why do we need air bags? Air bag systems are designed to be more effective than new air bags (also known as “depowered” air bags in saving lives, while at the same time reducing the potential of causing an auto airbag module induced serious injury or death.


    How do I order replacement airbags?


    To order an airbag module use this form to replacement airbags 24 hours a day and seven days a week. We will respond the same day with a used air bag price quote. Most of the customers we have are referred by other people who buy modules from us regularly. So rest assured that you're in good hands when you buy airbags at Click here for airbags Ford airbags. If you need replacement Mercedes modules, Nissan Volvo or any other types of airbags place your order by contacting us.




    Resetting the airbag module.

    Some 1993 to 1998 generation Ford module devices have been known to injure or seriously hurt both adults and children who were seated too close to the driver side or rear curtain airbag when the car was wrecked. “Too close” This can occur when a passenger isnt wearing a seatbelt or leaning out of the proper position and as a result he or she is thrown forward during the crash impact


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