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If you are interested in purchasing a set of new or used replacement airbags call 1-313-799-2042 or contact us.We ship to U.S. and Canada, and we can usually have your car airbags delivered within 5-7 business days. Special order car airbags may take longer for delivery.

Thank you for choosing as your one stop solution for automotive safety air bags. We offer a wide variety of new and used OEM Airbags and modules, 40-70% off dealers list price. Call now for your free online quote or search our database for product availability. Most of our business is referred by satisfied customers. Call now! See how much you can save by purchasing a recycled set of airbags

We specialize in car AIRBAG replacement, and used AIRBAGS, AIRBAGS, removal, safety AIRBAG, diagnostic modules, sensors and related accessories. Providing help for over 20 years! We also provide the best quality technical work on many airbag installations.
We also warranty all our work for LIFE! No 30 - 60 days warranty(then your stuff fails!) We warranty our work forever, see the FAQ'S for more info.

We are used airbag specialists, based upon many years of experience in the field. This site offers hundreds of used airbags, and other car airbags, and truck Airbags. Has you airbag been STOLEN recently? Need to replace it? We'd like to offer you a discount, check out our FAQ'S for details

Mustang diagnostic module from Safety airbags
This airbag is now being sold with the diagnostic module, and sensors. SRS Lights will shut off after installation.

Srs module
Airbag modules and safety Airbags are all we sell. We're an exclusive dealer of the best srs modules on the market!

Used replacement parts
Airbag replacement devices and diagnostic modules are safetyAirbags speciality. We're one of the first and only dealers to be getting the deactivation safety switches. We are NOT a regular airbag Shop!
We are not the normal used airbag shop. Most airbag shops have little experience in installation. Their so called techs are usually Ex-Used car salesman, (Not that Car Salesman are bad, but they are no techs!) We actually perform installations daily so we have a lot of experience to back up our work.
These "Companies" would love to fix your deployed Airbag right up!! They speak outright lies telling you of crazy things, "Oh your srs airbag light will eventually shut off. Srs lights will shut off immediately after installation. If the airbag installation is done correctly. If not then that company didn’t do their job and your installation will not work.. Don't fall for these scams. Don't toss your hard earned money out the window!
A lot of airbag shops are many times like the shady salesman of the early days!! I've seen what appear to be outright lies that have been made by these folks a million times. Don't get me wrong, there are a few good airbag shops out there, but they're few and far between, and getting harder and harder to find.

We can assist you every step of the way to make sure your replacement airbags are installed correctly and working as expected.


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